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Present Simple online course is designed to help you understand, practise and then use it in a real life! Created for adults by DOit formula® method.



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Would you like to communicate freely in English without being afraid of making grammar mistakes? 

Would you like to know Present Simple and not to hesitate when and how to use it correctly? 

If you:


  • feel confused in what situation usage of Present Simple is correct or not
  • are unsure when and how add endings -s -ss -es - ies to a verb
  • do not understand why sometimes we create questions using do/does or are/is or have/has
  • are beginner - you just start the adventure with learning English
  • your level is A1/A2 -  [you have been learning English for one or two years now]
  • want to revise the material [no matter what level of English you have] before a test or exam
  • want to develop your grammar skills

you are in a perfect place!



The course Present Simple was created to help you understand, practise and implement the knowledge into a real life! It was built using a unique mechanism called DOit formula® based on 4 stages.


Discover how it works:

DOit formula | English Tea Time

The name of the mechanism DOit it is an abbreviation for 4 words:

  1. D for diagnosis - this stage diagnoses your difficulty with understanding a topic. Material is presented in such a way that no matter what kind of a learner you are, you will get a precise information served in a unique way.
  2. O for option - this stage presents you options. You put our tips and hints into practice and have no problems to remember some rules.
  3. I for increase - this stage helps you develop your skills. Practice makes perfect, right? So, keep going!
  4. T for triumph - this stage shows you your achievements. You realise how much you have done and changed, you see you use the absorbed knowledge in real life situations!



Our course consists of 5 modules:

  1. M1 [DIAGNOSIS] - WHEN to use Present Simple
  2. M2 [OPTION & INCREASE] - HOW to use to be in Present Simple (video + interactive exercises)
  3. M3 [OPTION & INCREASE] - HOW to use have got in Present Simple (video + interactive exercises)
  4. M4 [OPTION & INCREASE] - HOW to use other verbs in Present Simple (video + interactive exercises)
  5. M5 [TRIUMPH] - You use the knowledge in a real life with ease!



Language used in materials: English

Instructor: Ewelina Wachowiak

Access to the course immediately after purchase for 365 days! [with all the updates]

Ewelina Wachowiak

Your instructor: Ewelina Wachowiak

Ewelina helps entrepreneurial people improve the linguistic skills and overcome the language barriers by means of her own DOit formula® mechanism in her online courses and materials designed for adults.

She has been teaching English students from different countries for over 14 years. She is the author of English online courses for adults, the expert of teaching and learning foreign languages, the owner and author of the website English Tea Time.


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